Caribé Dance Explosion

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Caribe Dance Explosion is a dance class created by Leanda Josefina, a Caribbean native who wanted to share the diverse cultural dances of her homeland. Leanda grew up on the islands of the Caribbean, surrounded by a rich and vibrant culture that blended African, European, and indigenous influences.

With Caribe Dance Explosion, a mixture of dance styles from the Caribbean, including African, folk, modern/contemporary, dancehall, and more. Caribe classes are energetic, fun, and full of life, with a focus on celebrating the diversity of Caribbean culture. The goal is to help people connect with their bodies, express themselves through movement, and learn about the history and traditions of the Caribbean through dance.

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Leanda has made an impressive career for herself as an entrepreneur and businesswoman. However, she has also never let go of her first love - dance. From the age of 7, Leanda has been passionate about dance and went on to become a professional performing as a soloist in different countries, a backup dancer for Soca artiste and in theatrical productions.

Leanda is still immensely involved with the dance community today, investing time into mentoring young dancers and doing her part to promote the art within Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

Now, Leanda is a successful businesswoman, using the skills and discipline she gained through dance to excel in her career. She remains devoted to her art and continues to dance, sharing her talent and passion with others through teaching and choreography.

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